Fadini VIX 53 Remote control

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Brand : Fadini

Frequency : 868.19 MHz

Number of Buttons : 4

Battery : CR2032

Coding : Rolling code

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22,70 € VAT incl.

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Rolling code remote control, 868.19 MHz, 4 channels.
Available in 4 colors: gray, green, pink and yellow.
Warning : The remote control can be programmed without problem unless you are living in a condominium, in which case the receiver may be locked. Check before purchasing this remote.

Guide to programming your remote from an already programmed remote:

Step 1. While near your receiver, press the top two buttons on your new remote control. The LED on your new remote will blink twice. Repeat the procedure. The LED on your new remote control flashes three times, then stays on steady.
Step 2. Keep pressing the top two buttons of your already programmed remote control. The LED of the already programmed remote control remains on steady while the LED of your new remote control flashes quickly and then goes out. Wait 10 seconds. Your new remote control is now programmed!

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