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Receiver antenna with Beninca AWO box


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Brand : Beninca

Frequency : 433,92 Mhz

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The AWO antenna from Beninca is an outdoor reception antenna compatible with all 433.92 Mhz frequency receivers. The antenna does not require a power supply. It has a 5-metre RG-58 cable.

This antenna allows you to extend the reception distance between your remote control and your receiver. This distance extension is variable and depends on a number of criteria. Under optimum conditions, the range of your remote control will be extended by at least a hundred metres.

The AWO antenna is housed in an IP54-rated casing, so it can be exposed to the rain without causing the slightest problem.

How can I maximise the reception distance between my transmitter and receiver?

- Install the antenna at a high height and in a non-metallic environment.
- If you have other aerials, install this one at least 4 metres away from the others.
- Before permanently fixing the antenna, test it with your remote control at the required distance.

What should I do if the receiving aerial doesn't seem to be working effectively?

- First make sure that the three points mentioned above have been complied with.
- Check the power supply and the installation of the receiver.
- Check that the remote control works, that the frequency is compatible and replace the battery.
- Check that the aerial cable is not broken
- Check that the cable is properly connected to the plug and terminals.