Remote control KUMA 2 buttons ERREKA

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Brand : Erreka

Frequency : 433.92 or 868.35 MHz

Number of buttons : 2

Battery : 12V (23A)

Coding : Trinary

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14,70 € VAT incl.

  • 433 Mhz
  • 868 Mhz

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- 3% reduction with the purchase of 2 remote controls
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Rolling code remote control, 433.92 or 868.35 MHz, 2 channels.
The color of the remote control varies according to the frequency: gray for 433.92 Mhz and black for 868.35 Mhz.
Warning: The remote control can be programmed without problem unless you are living in a condominium, in which case the receiver may be locked. Check before purchasing this remote.

Guide to programming your remote:

You will find microswitches in the remote control box to be placed in exactly the same way as the switches on your receiver or old remote control. Your new remote control is now programmed!
Warning: For your safety, be sure to position the mini-switches using a pen or screwdriver for example.

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