About Domobip

Domobip is an online shop created in 2021 to sell mainly remote controls & wall transmitters for doors and gates, for private individuals and for professionals. We also sell receivers & antennas, photocells as well as lamps to guarantee safety when opening and closing the automatism, keypads and key selectors to allow restricted and secure access, and more!

Over the years, we are striving to expand our catalogue with new products and brands. From 2023 onwards, we will also be launching our "Motorisations" department, which will also be gradually filled.

Professionals from all sectors trust us!

Indeed, a large number of entities from different fields have one thing in common: they call on us to meet the same need: to equip their company with remote controls and accessories for access to their property: fire brigades, hospitals, gendarmeries, schools and higher education establishments, syndics, real estate establishments, campsites etc.

We offer these groups the possibility of paying by bank transfer with quotes and invoices via the courier service: contact.domobip@gmail.com !

Competitive prices and fast shipping for better customer satisfaction

This is what we strive to do every day to meet your needs. In addition, we offer quantity discounts for certain remote controls. In this case, they will be indicated on our product pages. When a product is in stock, we try to ship it quickly (within 24 working hours).

A trusted site thanks to King-Avis!

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