Is it possible to duplicate an Intratone remote control ?

Many people are looking to program a new Intratone remote control. But is it even possible to copy these vigik transmitters? In this article, we will answer this question and help many residents with their problem.

1 - Duplicating a remote control (or copying a remote control), how does it work?

Normally, people try to buy a remote control in order to duplicate it and end up with a new remote control or an additional remote control to access their property.
Most often, a remote control works in rolling code. This means that it can be copied (usually from the old or same model only) by placing the new and old remotes side by side and performing a button combination. This combination, when it is to be carried out by any private individual or professional, is most often described in a manual or in a video tutorial on YouTube.

However, Intratone remotes are not supplied with instructions...

2 - "I tried to change the battery of the Intratone remote control".

The first reflex for people who can't program the Intratone remote control is usually to try to open the box and imagine that the problem is with the battery. This is a mistake because the LED on the remote control is likely to light up or flash when you press a button, and in this case the battery is neither at the end of its life nor in an anomaly. In addition, the unscrewable part to change the battery is not easy to open, you need a suitable screwdriver to open it without damaging it. It is also possible to open it with the thumb. This is a safer solution, but it is quite difficult.

In any case, if you try to open the Intratone remote control without damaging it, even before you are sure that you will not have to return it to the seller, it is at your own risk. Bear in mind, however, that returning a product that is no longer in its original condition is not covered by the legal guarantee of conformity.

3 - Co-ownership is the reason why you cannot program the Intratone remote control

The reason is that Intratone products are exclusively dedicated to use in condominiums, for access via a barrier or to a building. In any case, it is better that no one has access to the place where you live. Therefore, the Mifare technology used in Intratone products provides such security that no one can duplicate the remote controls.

Conclusion: It is not possible to copy an Intratone remote control yourself if you are a private individual.

4 - "In this case, is there a solution to my problem?

Indeed, there are few solutions to your case, but rest assured, there is one. You must contact your co-ownership manager (or syndic). This is the only person who can program the Intratone remote controls. The most likely case is that they will charge you for a service in exchange for a working transmitter. The price of this service varies from one property management company to another, but you should expect to pay between 35 and 60 euros. If you have already bought an Intratone remote control, you can ask if it is possible to provide it to reduce the cost of the service. Some managers are likely to agree.

If you are reading this and wondering why the cost of a service is so expensive, it is simply because the tools for mass programming of Intratone products have a significant cost. In addition, there is the cost of the badges or transmitters. In general, property managers are obliged to pass on this investment to the services offered to residents.