Beninca TO.GO 2 AK Remote control

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Brand : Beninca

Frequency : 433.92 MHz

Number of buttons : 2

Coding : Fixed code, ARC

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Beninca wireless remote control 2 channels, 433.92 MHz, white with black buttons. It allows you to control your Beninca motorisation for garage doors and gates.
The TO.GO AK transmitters are beepers that can operate in fixed code or in Advanced Rolling Code (ARC). The battery is included in the product.
The Beninca TO.GO2AK transmitter is not a universal remote control. It is compatible with all Beninca receivers operating on a 433.92 Mhz frequency and programmed to operate in fixed or ARC code.
The Beninca TO.GO AK remote control can be programmed from an original TO.GO WP or TO.GO AK remote control.
However, it cannot be programmed from a HAPPY or IRI remote control.

NEW: Equip your property with a Beninca wall hanger suitable for TO.GO remotes! Once your beeper has been programmed, place it in the SMART wall-mounted box, whose design will fit very easily on the wall of your home. Your Beninca TO.GO remote control will no longer be lost and will become an elegant and easy to use switch!

NEW: Buy your TO.GO remote control with a black bracket with clip for your car's sun visor! It is quick and easy to install and does not require any additional fixing accessories.
It is also possible to make the clip a wall mount, however this will require two Molly plastic dowels and two fixing screws which are not included!

Frequently asked questions :

I have a Beninca TO.GO AK remote control but I don't have any instructions. Where can I find it?

Beninca remote controls are supplied with a QR code on the back of the box. Scan it with your phone and you will have access to the guide on their website.

There is also a guide to switch from fixed to ARC mode (and vice versa).

I live in a condominium. Can I buy a Beninca TO.GO AK beeper and program it myself?

No. It is very likely that your landlord has blocked the condominium's receiver. To order your garage door opener, please contact them before placing your order.

Can I program a TO.GO AK remote control from a TO.GO WP remote control?

Yes, the new TO.GO AK remote control replaces the TO.GO WP reference. They are therefore compatible.