FAAC XT4 433 SL Remote control

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Brand : FAAC

Frequency : 433.92 MHz

Number of Buttons : 4

Coding : Rolling code

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433.92 MHz, 4-channel rolling code gate/garage door remote control.
Please note that this is not a universal remote control. The XT4 433 SL transmitter is only compatible with SL remote controls, which can be recognised by its navy blue colour. It is also not compatible with SLH and RC remotes which are black, white or grey.
So make sure it is compatible with your system to control your sliding gate / swing gate / door automation before ordering.
The FAAC XT4 433 SL remote control is supplied with instructions and the battery is included.

Choose to include a transparent support clip for your new FAAC remote control! This can be fitted to the car's sun visor, but the transparent part can also be fixed to the wall to act as a wall bracket!

Guide to programming your remote control from an already programmed remote control:

Step 1. Place your programmed beep and your new beep face to face.
Step 2. Press and hold the button to be transmitted on your previously programmed remote, then press and hold the button on your new remote. The LED on your new remote control will flash and then stay on. Release both remotes.

Guide to programming your remote control from your receiver :

Step 1. Open your receiver case and hold down the programming button.
Step 2. Press one of the buttons on your new remote control. Release all buttons and wait 10 seconds.

Any comments about the guide? Don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form!

Frequently asked questions :

I live in a condominium. Can I buy a FAAC XT4 433 SL remote control and program it myself?

It is very likely that your property manager has blocked the receiver for the condominium. Contact them before placing an order.

Can I copy an XT4 433 SL remote control from an SLH or RC remote control?

No, these two models are not compatible with each other.