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Hörmann HSZ 2 BS remote control


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Brand : Hörmann

Dimensions : Ø 29 x 39 mm

Frequency : 868.30 MHz

Number of Buttons : 2

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46,40 € VAT incl.

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- 4% discount for 2 or more remotes

2-buttons remote control that fits into your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket.
The remote control is supplied with full programming instructions and the battery is included.

Compatibility of the Hormann HSZ 2 BS remote control

Please note that this remote control is not universal. It is only compatible with Hormann or Tubauto installations using BiSecur (BS) technology.

So make sure it is compatible with your system to control your swing gate / sliding gate / garage door automation before placing your order.

Guide to programming your remote control from your operator :

Step 1. On your Hormann motorisation, hold down the programming button for 5 seconds. On some motors, such as the SupraMatic 4 series, it is then necessary to press the up arrow before pressing the programming button again (the number 11 should appear). On the ProMatic 4, this step is not necessary.
Step 2. Hold the remote control a few centimetres away from the motor, then press and hold the button to be programmed. The LED on the remote control will light up steady blue, then flash alternately red and blue after a few seconds. On the SupraMatic 4, the number "11" should flash rapidly.

Note: We strongly recommend that you pair your remote control from the motor. The copy learning procedure does not always work.

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Is it possible to programme the remote control if I'm a tenant?

If you live in a condominium, you may not be able to programme the remote control yourself for security reasons. We recommend that you contact your property manager for more information before you buy.