Sommer 4018 Pearl Remote control

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Brand : Sommer

Frequency : 868.95 / 868.8 MHz

Number of Buttons : 4

Coding : Rolling code

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Rolling code gate/garage door remote control, 868.95 / 868.8 MHz, 4 channels.
This transmitter uses the SOMloq2 system and is backwards compatible with the Somloq Rolling-Code system.
This remote control is therefore compatible with all Sommer receivers operating in 868 Mhz to control your swing gate / sliding gate / door automation.
However, this beeper is not a universal remote control. It is not compatible with receivers of other brands. It is supplied with instructions and the battery is included.

Please note: The Pearl 4018 remote control is compatible with Pearl 4018 remote controls provided that their references end with V000, V001, V003 or V020.
This information is indicated on the back of your transmitter. Pay particular attention if you live in Belgium, Germany or the Netherlands.

Choose to include a holder for your remote control! The 4643 bracket can be mounted on the wall or in your vehicle. The bracket is supplied with mounting accessories and an installation diagram.

Guide to programming your remote control from your receiver :

Step 1. Open your receiver case. On the receiver board, press the programming button. The LED on your receiver will light up or flash.
Step 2. Press the button you want to program on your new remote control. The LED on your remote control lights up red and the radio command is sent.
Step 3. Repeat the procedure for each button you wish to program, then wait 10 seconds. Your new remote control is now programmed!

Any comments about the guide? Don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form!

Frequently asked questions :

I live in a condominium. Can I buy a Sommer Pearl 4018 remote control and program it myself?

No. It is likely that your building manager has blocked the condo's receiver. Please contact them before ordering.