Pair of Nice adjustable photocells

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Brand : Nice

Dimensions : 128 x 46 x 45 mm

Power supply : 12-24 Vac-dc
(By battery for the FT210 / FT210B transmitter)

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  • F210
  • F210B
  • FT210
  • FT210B
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Pairs of Nice adjustable photocells are synchronised photocells that can be adjusted 180 degrees horizontally and 30 degrees vertically.

With an ideal range of 10 metres, this can be increased to 20 metres in the best conditions. This range is doubled when a temporary connection is used.

With an IP44 protection rating, these photocells are protected against water and dust, making them ideal for outdoor installation.

Nice photocells are supplied with instructions and accessories for installation and operation.

It is possible to include FA1 vandal-proof covers for your pair of Nice photocells. These covers are very robust and will prevent any risk of theft. Fixing accessories are included with the covers.

The F210 and F210B cells are wired (12-24 Vac-dc power supply), while the transmitting cell of the FT210 and FT210B models is battery-powered (the receiving cells are wired).

The special feature of the F210B and FT210B is that they work with Nice BlueBUS technology. If you do not use this technology, opt for F210 or FT210 photocells.