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ANS433 receiver antenna - V2


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Brand : V2

Frequency : 433,92 Mhz

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The ANS433 antenna from v2 is an outdoor receiving antenna compatible with all 433.92 Mhz frequency receivers. The antenna does not require a power supply. It has a 2.5 metre long RG-58 cable and a metal bracket.

This antenna allows you to extend the reception distance between your remote control and your receiver. This distance extension is variable and depends on several criteria. In optimal conditions, the range of your remote control will be extended by at least 100 metres.

How can I maximise the reception distance between my transmitter and receiver?

- Install the antenna at a high height and in a non-metallic environment.
- If you have other antennas, install this one far away from the others (at least 4 metres).
- Before permanently fixing the antenna, test it with your remote control at the desired distance.

What to do if the receiving antenna does not seem to be working efficiently?

- First, make sure that the three points mentioned above have been respected.
- Check the power supply and the installation of the receiver
- Check that the remote control works, that the frequency is compatible and replace the battery
- Check that the antenna cable is not broken
- Check that the cable is properly connected to the plug and terminals.