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Hörmann HSE 2 BS remote control


New product

Brand : Hörmann

Frequency : 868.30 MHz

Number of Buttons : 2

Battery : CR2032

The product has been replaced by the reference HSE 4 BS!

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Don't panic, only the number of buttons has changed.
The product remains compatible and at the same price!

More details

More info

The HSE2-868-BS 2-button garage door remote control with key ring eyelet from Hormann is a very popular reference.

However, this model is no longer produced by the brand and the default replacement product is model HSE4-868-BS.

What's new for you?

Absolutely nothing. In fact, the prices of the HSE 2 BS and HSE 4 BS models have always been identical. The only difference is that you'll have two extra buttons.

Be careful: Some internet vendors may still offer HSE2-868-BS transmitters for sale. However, they may offer it to you at a much higher price and :
- Either you will receive an HSE4-868-BS remote control, which will not be what you expected;
- Or you will receive an HSE2-868-BS remote control, but these have not been produced since 2020. As a result, they are no longer completely new, as the transmitters are still subject to the wear and tear of time, even if they have never been used.

Other compatible references are also compatible:

If you only use one button on your original HSE2 beeper, you can opt for the HSE 1 BS reference;
If you want a compatible remote control with 2 buttons, we can offer you the HSZ 2 BS model, which fits into your car's cigarette lighter slot.