How do I program my v2 PHOX remote control?

Article published on 16.03.22 and modified on 25.01.23

If you have arrived here, you may be considering replacing your V2 PHOX remote control to operate your gate/garage door automation.

You are looking for a way to understand why you cannot program the remote control you have just bought. Or before you make that purchase you want to be careful not to make a mistake with your order.

You are in the right place! In this article we will explain how to buy the right product.

1. You've just bought a remote control but you can't program it?

The first question to ask is: is the contract for this new remote control the same as your current one that you want to change ?

For example, a V2 PHOX remote control can operate in contracts 15, 17, 47, 50, etc.

To find this identification number associated with the system (contract), simply look on the back of your remote control.

First case : You know the contract of your remote control and you plan to buy a new one.

In this case, search on the internet for your remote control and specify the contract. Please note that Domobip! sells its remote controls in contract 47 (for the PHOX 2 and PHOX 4) as well as in contract 50 (only for the PHOX 4).

Second case :You don't know the contract of your remote control.

The label is not on the back? We have a solution for you!

The contract can be stated on the invoice or quotation for the installation of your gate/garage door. If you do not have the necessary documents but know the company that installed your gate/garage door, contact them!

If this second case does not solve your problem. It will be necessary to contact a V2 advice point and potentially send them your remote control so that they can decrypt the contract used.

2. I bought a remote control from the right contract but I still can't program it.

Several possibilities :

1 : Beware of frequencies!

Do either of your two PHOX remotes have orange buttons?

If this is the case, it means that this remote control works in 868 Mhz, while the remotes with white buttons work in 433 Mhz.

These two remotes are not compatible with each other. Make sure you buy a remote control with the same frequency.

2 : Please note that the V2 PHOX do not copy each other !

In other words, you will not be able to program a new remote control from your current one!

You will have to program it directly on the receiver of your motorisation.

Good to know: A short guide to programming is easily accessible on the Domobip product pages. In addition, there are tutorials on Youtube to guide you through the programming process in real time.

3 : If you live in a condominium you will not be able to program a new remote control.

Only the condominium manager will be able to do this as the receiver is locked for security reasons.