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V2 PMR 4 contract 47 Remote control


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Brand : V2

Frequency : 433.92 MHz

Number of Buttons : 4

Coding : Rolling code

Dimensions : 70 x 70 x 17 mm

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Wall-mounted rolling code remote control, 433.92 MHz, 4 buttons. It works with v2 Personal pass technology.

Attention: This transmitter is not a universal remote control. It is only compatible with V2 brand receivers and 433.92 MHz frequency to control your sliding gate / swing gate / door automation.
Variable code transmission / Available in contract 47. Attention: different contracts are not compatible. Therefore, check the contract indicated on the back of your functional remote control before ordering.

The v2 PMR4 remote controls, like the PHOX, do not have a copy function. Therefore, it is not possible to program it from another remote control. They are programmed directly from the v2 receiver of your motorisation.

The range of the wall-mounted remote control varies depending on where it is installed, between 20 metres (in a very closed environment) and 200 metres (with an open environment).

Guide for programming your remote control from your WALLY receiver :

Step 1. Open your receiver case. Press and hold the programming button on the receiver board. The LED of your receiver lights up.
Step 2. Press the button you wish to program on your new remote control. The LED on your receiver will flash once and then stay on.
Step 3. Repeat the procedure for each button you wish to program, then wait 10 seconds. Your new remote control is now programmed!

Any comments about the guide? Don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form!

Frequently asked questions :

I live in a condominium. Can I buy a v2 PMR C.47 remote control and program it myself?

It is very likely that your property manager has blocked the co-ownership's receiver. Contact them before ordering.

Is the remote control compatible if I have a PHOX contract 47 transmitter?

Yes, the PMR wall-mounted remote control is programmed like a PHOX remote control. It can be programmed if you have a PHOX remote control in contract 47, but it cannot work with a different contract.