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Receiver V2 WALLY - 433 MHz

New product

Brand : V2

Frequency : 433.92 MHz

Number of Channels : 1, 2 or 4

Dimensions : 132 x 26 x 74 mm

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64,20 € VAT incl.

  • WALLY1-433 (1 channel)
  • WALLY2-433 (2 channels)
  • WALLY4-433 (4 channels)

More info

The receiver v2 WALLY works with the transmitters Royal or Personal Pass series: The first stored remote control determines the operating mode of the receiver.

Up to 1008 different codes can be stored.

Basic programming by key or advanced programming by PROG2 programmer and WINPPCL software.

The WALLY-433 receiver, is compatible with the PHOX 433.92 Mhz remote controls (Personal Pass) as well as the KEHO (Personal Pass), PMR (Personal Pass) and MATCH (Royal) remote controls.

The WALLY receiver is available with 1 channel (WALLY1-433), 2 channels (WALLY2-433) or 4 channels (WALLY4-433). It is supplied with complete installation and operating instructions.